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 “I have always maintained a high degree of enthusiasm for artistic creation,but I do not deliberately seek       inspiration for creation, because it is a part of life itself.”


                                                                                                                              -- Xinyan Zhang ( Berlin )

Xinyan Zhang puts post-expressionism in Western art history in dialogue with materials and themes such as Chinese painting and news real events.Her artistic practice uses fragmentation and hybrid techniques to explore the "vulnerability of human nature" and the "common state of human existence" under the influence of popular culture.Throughout her works, Xinyan offers up images of human nature in different states—through the "wounded" to insinuate the decay and pale of the spiritual world of modern people.The weak status of women and children in society is her focus.Henri Matisse’s lines, Pablo Picasso’s deconstruction and Francis Bacon’s colours each resonate in Xinyan’s recent series. In Summer Judgment (2022), vibrant mixed media features humorous characters.

Her works mainly use oil paint and acrylic as the medium, each of which is full of childlike interest and storytelling. The artist is extremely sensitive to color, and likes to quickly outline and describe the shape, the flowing lines are relaxed and casual, and the passionate creative enthusiasm can be felt through the pictures. She is accustomed to dividing the picture into two parts.


The foreground is a large-area flat-painted figure, and the background is intentionally blurred, using rough lines to describe the body.Her creations do not rely on any pictures, they are often images lingering in memory. Most of the inspiration for creation comes from real events or personal experiences and edge news. In an international cultural context, her creations are subtly influenced by German philosophy and childhood.



Xinyan was born in 1991 in Shenzhen, China. She received her BFA from Shenzhen University (2014) and her MFA from Guangzhou Unversity (2018 ), She also studied at Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe in Germany (2019-2021) and Florence Academy of Fine Arts in Italy (2017).Solo exhibitions of Xinyan’s work have been presented at venues such as the Women Museum Bonn ,Germany (2022); Bauschaustelle Düsseldorf e.V , Düsseldorf (2022 ); the Radius Gallery, Xi’an (2021).Group exhibitions include the Artual Gallery , Lebanon (2022) ;the Beijing Weekend Gallery , Beijing (2022); Fangyuan Art Gallery, Beijing (2022); Galerie Bodenseekreis, Germany (2022) ; Art Factory HB 55, Berlin ( 2022 ) ; the Ultramontane Gallery, Hangzhou (2022) ,and BBK Karlsruhe, Germany (2022) .In 2022 , Her Work nominate for the 7th Eb-Dietzsch Art Prize ,Germany ; Art Prize “Förderpreis Jung + Gegenständlich 2022” in Bodenseekreis , Germany ; Bottrop Art Award , Bottrop,Germany ; the V.Rothe and R.Hendricks Artawad, Bonn ,Germany, and Baustelle Schaustelle Art Prize , Düsseldorf .



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